You are currently viewing Bhargi : let’s get to know more about her culture and ecology in India !

Bhargi : let’s get to know more about her culture and ecology in India !

Here is the 2nd article about Trattino team’s eco-commitment. You will know a little bit more about the team. Today, let’s get to know more about Bhargi. 

She’s the queen of gnocchi and washing up ! We will tell you more about her, where she comes from and how ecology is perceived in her country.

Bhargi tell us where you come from ?

Hi everyone, I come from a land of heritage and spirituality : India. I live in the South of India, in Secunderabad City in the state of Telangana.

Why did you come in France and how did you get to work in Trattino ?

I came to France to study my masters of science because the course which I was looking for was only available in France. Then, I was looking for a part time job and I found Trattino !

What are the biggest differences between India and France ?

I see big cultural differences. In France, everybody speaks English; I thought only the young generation would speak English. People are very nice, they help me with the language : I get help from many different people whom I don’t know at all.

Is ecology well-known in India ? How do you include it in your life ?

About FOOD : 

  • In India, people are not used to go to supermarkets because they are not so spread. In supermarkets, products are more expensive, Indian people prefer to go to local stores. Mostly, people go to local store to get their groceries, vegetables, milk or any dairy products. There are vegetable markets every 5 km in my city and products are sold by the farmers themselves. We can’t find frozen food, only fresh food…  

Most of the mothers are home makers so they cook for all the family. Even working mothers cook every day for their children because, at school, the food is not provided for children.

In my personal life, when I stay with my family, we don’t buy much food because we have agricultural land where we grow daily food.

About CLOTHES : 

When we need new clothes, we go for local suppliers instead of malls because Indian clothes are completely different from european clothes. My mother used to sew my own dresses and blouses : she is very talented at stitching ! 


There is pollution control because there is a lot of traffic in India.  

The Indian Government adopted a new law in the capital city : everyone has, at least, two wheeler vehicles. Most of the people in India use public transport for their daily life because most cities in India have bus and underground networks. 


About medicine people go for ayurvedic medicines instead of chemical medicine. Even for most treatments people prefer ayurvedic treatments.

Would you like to add something ?  

I like to stay in France and love to work for Trattino. I would like to discover new places in France and Europe ! I think that everyone should visit India at least once because every place has a different culture, food, language, lifestyle. And, please, let me know your experience in India. 

In simple words, what to understand about Indians is :

“Europe is a continent which has different countries with differences in culture, language, food and lifestyle. India is a country which has different states with differences in culture, language, food and lifestyle.”

Bisous bisous 🙂 

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